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Kitchen Design

"It's not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."


-Steve Jobs

•Kitchen Restoration & Design•


Redesigning your kitchen can be an exciting way to improve the appearance and function of your daily life, by simple design improvements and upgrades we can increase efficiency, flow and energy of your home. Below are some of the improvements which can make a big difference:

Re-Design layout & functionality

Interior organizational hardware 

New Handles and pulls

Updated Door Profiles & Refacing

Updated Drawer Boxes or Repair old ones

Tile, Architectural Plaster, Brick Accents

Countertops; Butcherblock, Live edge, Rock , Laminate & Composite

Door Upgrades; Glass inserts, Glass shelving

Pantry & Pantry Door redesigns

Island redesign / Improvements

Lighting Redesign & Additions

White and gold
Kitchen 3D Design-Drafting
Custom Country Kitchen
Wood Accents
3D Kitchen View
Wine Cabinet
Detail of Custom Wine Cabinet
Custom Pantry Door
Laundry Design
Buffet Dining
Kitchen Interior Design
Pull-out Organizer
Small Country Kitchen (Before)
Small Country Kitchen (After)
B & A
Dining Room Custom Glazing
Dining Room Features
Pantry Door
Live Edge Mesquite Slab Island
Shaker Doors- Glass Floor to Ceiling Design
White & Gray
Ceiling Concrete Finish
Window Plants
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