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"A work is finished when a artist realizes his intentions." 


- Rembrandt


We offer many different restorative services for your business, home or office. Interiors and exteriors​.  From water damage, to old pieces which need TLC, to Craftsman Furniture or Family Relics which need a facelift or a full Repair and Restoration.  We offer repair and matching services for all finish types.  

Door & Furniture Restoration 

Artwork Restoration & Repair

Mural Repair & Redesign & Restore

Faux Finish & Plaster Matching & Restoration

Wood and Architectural Restoration

Fire Pit Restoration
Fire Pit-Kohanaiki
Dining Room Bronze Feature Wall
Wood Restoration
Chalk Painted Furniture
Custom Door- Sanded and ready to stain.
Before Hutch
Custom Lacquer Gold Airbrushing
Gold Detailing
Marbling Columns
Vaulted Before
Vaulted After
Black is so pretty :)
Hill Country -Cow Hide Office- Before
After - No more cow!
Cowhide Office - After Pic.
Modern Large Kitchen Before
Modern Kitchen After upgrades.
Country Kitchen Before
Country Kitchen After
Bathroom Wall Glaze
Rustic Overload!
Restaurant Faux Finish Restoration
Restaurant Bar-top Restoration
Architectural upgrades
Dining Table Refinishing
Faux Brick and Plaster
Custom Island
Adding Gold Details
Nice Door Restore
Finishing and Restoration Begins with Sampling
Wall Glazing for Restaurants
Custom Dining Hutch
Ceiling Custom Faux
Door Refinishing
Custom Kitchen & Rehabs
Tribecca Walls
Lime Plasters
Door Repairs
Wall Restoration & Faux Finish
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