Faux Finish

"Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art."    


- Frank Lloyd Wright

Silver Dining Room
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Moroccan Charm
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Gorgeous Cabinet Finishes
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Faux and Decorative Finishes

We offer a wide variety of finishing services and products.  Decorative finishes really are the "Wow" factor in any home!   We are able to transform an ordinary wall, ceiling, or piece of furniture into a decorative work of art.  

Wall & Furniture Glazing & Antiquing & Gilding

Murals & Lettering 

Stenciling & Hand-painted Flourishes

Architectural Plasters and Coatings 

Faux Brick, Marble, Woodgrain

Decorative Finishes such as Zinc, Steel & Polished Concrete


Colors of Sunshine
Cabinetry Touch ups
Gold Detailing
Lacquer Cabinets
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Dining Room Niche
Beams and Brick
Looking down through the Faux Brick arches!
Every project begins with some great samples!
Faux Lime Brick
Table Refinishing
Custom Ceiling
Retexturing over Monterrey Drag
Stenciled Border
Stenciled Borders with Glazing
Pool Room - Man Cave
Door Restoration
Antique Hutch
Metallic Glazing
Door Graining
Aaron Reyes
Allover Glazing
Pool Room
Man Cave Bar
Driftwood doors- Pool Room
Decorative Mahogany Doors
Decorative Magnet Wall
Master Bathroom Wall Glaze
Faux Zinc Patina Ceiling
Pashas Mediterranean Grill
Before Ceiling
Copper Glazed Cupola Breakfast nook.
Pashas Forum Dining Room
Glitter Ceiling
Stenciled Damask
Commercial Restoration
Custom Wall Glazing
Wall stenciling
Custom Bathroom Finish
Venetian Plaster Decorative Stencil
Silk Plaster Ceiling Barrel
Inlay Dining Room Table
Pashas Chairs
Girls Room
Polished Lime Plaster Finish
Metallic Ceiling Foil
Eco Plasters & Wall Coatings
Faux Arches/Brick, Plaster and Silk
3D Lime Brick
Meoded Polished Concrete
Dining Room Ginish
Kitchen Island Accents
Home Entryway Facelift
Plaster Textures Metallic
Faux Leather
Silk Plaster Ceiling infused with Mica and Glitt
Custom Wine Hutch
Satin Plaster Finish
Silver Venetian Plaster